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THE NEWEST BEACH IN THE WORLD - KAPOHO BEACH! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

For 11 years, I've been traveling the world in search of hot springs, waterfalls and islands.  My goal is to film the beauty of every country in the world.  Hawaii is home and I live 1,500 hundred feet from where the recent Leilani Estates lava flow just happend ... I filmed the epic event - new documentary coming soon!                                         

I'll be making my films and keeping my online travel diary for the rest of my life.  AND ... I'm STILL ALIVE EVERYONE!  It's been a GREAT RUN so far!  LOL!  XOXO GABRIELLE 


Thank You Film Patrons!! And Welcome To August!  Oh it's been a hot one so far!  Everyone is saying that it's the hottest year on record and with this lava river in my backyard it's even HOTTER than ever!

I add brand new films from my travels and explorations to my Patreon Page all the time!  Get access to 100+ film patron exclusive posts, my personal diary, travel stories, picture sets and my available film collection here:

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